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Thread: Augh! Smart Card problem !

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    Augh! Smart Card problem !

    I recently copy and pasted all photos off a smart card. Then, I used 'delete all'. I have taken many photos since then and can view them on the camera. When I put the smart card in the smart media reader, my pc is saying "the disk in drive j is not formatted do you want to format it now?"
    I'm smart enough to know that that will overwrite my photos. But why is this happening ? I've done this before . They must be on the card, I can see them with the camera ?

    Update: From what I read on the net, it is toast.
    The reader works b/c I put another card in it and it worked. Guess I have to use that card.
    Am I doing anything wrong by copying and pasting from the card then going back in and doing a select all,delete ?
    I guess pulling that card out and putting in so many times ruins it.
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    OK, here we go.

    The memory card uses the USP circuit (Universal Serial Bus), just like the other USB ports on you computer.

    Each time you plug a new device (camera, scanner, printer, thumb drive...) into a computer port the operating system detects it, reads the information on it, and makes it available for use. In the case of thumb drives, flash memory cards, camera's, etc, it also treats them as another disc drive, and gives you options to "Open" them through various means, some of which mark the device as open. When this happens, a new little icon appears down near the clock that will allow you to "Safely Remove" the divice. Sometimes if you fail to use that option before removing the device, some data will be corrupted, and the computer cannot open it again.

    Here is something to try: Use your camera's USB cable to connect it to the computer via a regular USB port. You should be able to 'see' what the camera does. If so, you can download the pictures to the computer. If this works, then try the media port again, and say yes to formatting. I find that it is much simpler to just use the program that came with the camera to do the downloading and house keeping, then use your favorite photo program to work with them later.
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