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Thread: Indiana flooding-Rebecca ?

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    Indiana flooding-Rebecca ?

    Rebecca, Are you anywheres near the flooding(hope not!) ?
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    None in my immediate area/neighborhood, but I know of several streets that do flood and am sure they were. I was over at the big bed checking for scapes (found some too!) so I checked the creek and it did not look good, not "full" but might darned close and it could get higher as all the run off for up stream gets here. There's a downed tree over the creek that is usually several feet from the creek bed and it is half submerged and water is/was really pounding the above water section.

    I think the worst of the flooding has been south of Boone County. I haven't watch the News only heard brief reports on the radio, but it didn't sound good at all. We have had an awful lot of rain dumped on us in the last 2 - 3 days. Going by a container that collected water we've had at least 4 inches and since this was on my potting table and under the tree it probably didn't catch all that did fall.

    However much fell, it's wet out, really wet! If I'd know or thought about it I would have filled my water jugs from the "pond" and let it refill with rain water! I'll be geting new goldfish for it soon and the rain water would have been good for them. Oh well, more rain coming so I might yet do that!

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