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Thread: My Winter is OVER

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    My Winter is OVER

    or so it appears...

    I do not see anything in the forecast below 40 degrees F. for the next two weeks.

    The average last frost date is Mar. 15, and it appears that there will be none after that. Unfortunately, on rare occasions, there is a hard freeze in the first few days of April, so I cannot remove plastic, YET!

    However, I can start moving plants outside. The biggest problem with doing that is the fact that plants in winter storage have already begun to break dormancy.

    I think I need a shade house or something like that. There are no leaves on the pecan trees yet, so I cannot use them for filtered shade.

    Well, no one is perfect! Certainly not ME ! So, just like I get sunburned in the early months of spring, I am sure some of my awakening plants will as well.

    Granted! I am definitely NOT complaining! I know many of you have to wait a very long time for your winter to be over. Honest to goodness, I don't know how you do that!
    Ann B.
    Zone 9a
    Gulf Coast

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    That is nice, Ann.

    Overhere, we will have two weeks of above freezing, but that is for the highs in the daytime. Night time temperatures still drop below freezing.

    So I am still patiently waiting. I am going to start my germination later, but since John (from Texas) nicely sent me a lot of Red Lion seeds, I started some of them today. There are enough for experiments of different methods and timing.

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