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Thread: UGH Bugs !

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    UGH Bugs !

    UGH! I just discovered(and would have sooner if I could see!) that my Gerbera Daisies which I am overwintering indoors have aphids ! They are on a 5 shelf wire rack with my 3 new orchids nearby (there are calla lilies, peace lilies, ginger, jasmine, spider plant, cactus) as well. I removed the Gerbera pots and sprayed them with insecticidal soap. They are now in the bathtub(no water--just quarantined). There is no sunlight in that bathroom. So, now what ? Should I pitch them ? Can they be put back in the same room with the other plants ? I have no other available window space anywhere(all occupied and I don't want they getting bugs). BTW I did spray the surrounding plants.
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    Before you toss, spray! I used Murphy's Oil Soap withwater in a spray bottle on mine and killed the little suckers (no pun intended!). A teaspoon or so to a quart of water. Still fighting them on the Masdavillia I'm keeping for my neighbor, but got rid of them on the variegated Hoya plants before they got to my Phals.! Did have to do them a couple of time, and I used it on those funky looking aphids or some kind of bug that was all over my daylily seedlings. I love Murphy's Oil Soap and will be bathing Hem. 'Joan Senior' and other prone to Thrips with it come Spring.

    Note" the Gerber's may not like it, but at least you have a chance, which is more than you have if you don't do something for them.

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