Some seeds almost require it while others simply benefit from it. Some are too tiny to even try...

I have found that using quart sized ziploc freezer bags work GREAT! You only need to fill with an inch or two of water, and I usually let the seeds soak longer than the directions say.

For instance, for Datura seeds, 3 days seem to do work great. The seeds plump up but do not have time to sprout yet.

Hibiscus seeds also do well using the ziploc bags.

When the seeds look plump and ready, I line a food strainer with paper towels and pour the water into the lined strainer. Sometimes, the seeds will stick to the bottom of the ziploc, and in that case, depending on the size of the seeds, I will use my fingers to retrieve them or I will turn the ziploc inside out and brush them off (into the container).

Then I sow them. Immediately!

Oh, a tip! Cut a 2 inch long section of vinyl blinds in half lengthwise. Write the name of the seeds on the cut section of blinds with a No. 2 pencil and drop it into the water with the seeds. When you 'dump' the water, the label will be in the strainer. After planting the seeds, just insert the label and you are done...

OH! I am so ready for spring... 6 more weeks for me! I have a 5 day weekend coming up (Mardi Gras), and I sure hope that it does not rain the entire time because I want to spend some time in my garden.