Years ago, I always started perennials in August. That way they were ready for overwintering outdoors during the winter, but now that I am teaching, August is probably my most hectic time of the year.

So, today, I picked up a box of seed packages, and I pondered... I have 6-8 more weeks of winter. There are very few seedlings left under my lights. What should I start NOW?

Something slow to start, something more difficult, something that requires a little more time...

OH! The brugs seeds? The ones that I harvested perhaps a little too early due to that very hard freeze? Yep! I prepared warm water to soak those for 24 hours.

Double White Lady Datura... Yep! Only a few seeds of those, but they are now soaking.

Double Golen Quen Datura, soaking...

Double Blackcurrant Swirl Datura, soaking...

I am still studying all those packages of collected seeds, trying to decide what else to start.

It is very cold, wet and raining outside!

I think it is called the 'Winter Gardener's Blues'!

What are you sowing now, winter sowing or under lights?