I stopped at Home Depot tonight. Of their lowest priced selection, the Dendrobiums looked most promising. A couple had just finished flowering as I could see the old spike. My question has to do with condition. Because they are jammed into 4 inch pots, their side roots are actually flattened against the pot sides. Also, I see 'green' roots on top and am not sure if they are mossy or as they should be. I shy away from roots that are not firm to the touch or that are brown and damp. What should their roots look like(given the circumstances) in terms of color maybe even color based on it they are top, side or bottome roots and in terms of anything else relevant. I'm all for giving them a bettter home but want to start out with a healthy plant.

This was one I thought of getting based on health. It had one scape and the withered brown flower fell off as I picked it up. Den. Emma White: