This seems to be the perfect juncture in time to perform what for me is the annual 'what's in the fridge' seed inventory event !
It started innocuously enough the other night when I wanted to check and see just exactly what lily seeds I already have. In the course of doing that I pulled out the bottom most fridge drawer which subsequently led to cleaning the fridge under that drawer !
LOL! But I have envelopes of seeds in that drawer and in the door drawer and I must figure out what I have and when to start the seeds. Some will just get scattered outside towards the end of winter; others will need to be placed in trays,etc. But the point is to plan and to plant the seeds rather than saving them like some forensic crime scene evidence ! (like the upwards of 40 saran wrap covered solo dixie cups holding daylily pollen sticks and all labelled--arranged in one of the fridge slide out drawers--I threw them all out just last month).