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Thread: Lots and Lots of RAIN!

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    Lots and Lots of RAIN!

    The temperatures are warm, and the rain is falling...

    At a little after 11am, our principal announced that we might be letting the students go home a little early because we were under a tornado watch. Well, needless to say, I still had two students working on their final exam, but they were almost finished.

    Gosh! I need to talk to them about this... I could have kept the class quiet for the next 20 minutes, but instead, the two students finished their work promptly, and there was no keeping them quiet.

    Then, they announced that the scanner for the final exams was broken which meant that I could not get the scores for the final exam grades posted for my last class.

    Finally, the students were dismissed for the holidays, and I was able to get as much done as possible before the rains became so heavy that I knew I had to go home or I wouldn't be able to drive past the flooded roads.

    Whew! I made it, and I have to tell you that I plan to rest and play with my plants/seedlings/bulbs for the rest of the year.

    Merry Christmas, EVERYONE!
    Ann B.
    Zone 9a
    Gulf Coast

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    Excellent ! These days our rain comes as snow.
    We are, again(something about Friday going into Saturday) predicted to have snow. I doubt it will even be an inch. Also predicted are 50 mph winds.
    My boss let us out early at 3 PM today--for the holidays.
    Today's high was to be 57 with a plunge back down to 30 tomorrow! I really wanted to plant my remaining bulbs: wood hyacinth, alliums, mediterranean bells, a few more daffs, Summer snowflakes and a whole mess o' Dutch iris. Well, it didn't happen. If we got out at noon, it might have happened LOL!
    But I now have noted their planting depths and sun rqts. I have off M, T of this week and next. If I have to plant in the cold I will just as long as the soil isn't mud.
    "If I keep a green bough in my heart, a singing bird will come"

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