A second freeze without plastic on my back (north) porch, and all is fine. We only actually got down to 29 degrees and that was at the last minute, right before day break.

The forecasts say anywhere between 29 and 35 for tomorrow morning.

It's hard to believe, but even most of my daylily seedlings have not gone dormant.

Some of the new growth that resulted from up to 80 degree highs melted down, but not all.

To tell you the truth, I could really do without a hard freeze this winter, but I know it is bound to get here sooner or later.

Right now, I have been heating the greenhouse with only one side of the floodlights. The east side lights are not working for some reason.

It's amazing that I haven't had to get out the kerosene heater, the propane heater or the electric heater, YET! What really amazes me is that I haven't had to cover the porch in plastic!

It looks like there will not be a hard freeze until sometime after Christmas. That's the best Christmas present EVER!

Stay warm!!!!