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Thread: Roller coaster weather

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    Roller coaster weather

    Well, the forecast had the weatherman shaking his head. North of us- ice, further north-snow. We were on the rain line and did get rain. So, note, rain line would mean we were at freezing last night. Today, the rain would continue and winds would shift to out of the south and the temps would go up to a high of 61. Tonight, the temps go back down and the high tomorrow will be in the 40's. A real roller coaster.
    I finally got the blankets off my corral and two tubs of seedlings. I had been sick or it would have happened sooner. Anyway, they now have leaves thrown on them and in the case of the tub-bubble wrapped sides and leaves on top. Everything is on its own now.
    I glanced over at my Easter azaleas. The ones that they say can't be planted outside. I chuckled as I saw them looking quite well and still holding green leaves. I did plant them on the south side.

    Our lows have been in the 20's. I am all in favor of cold weather because I saw the damage caused by a late freeze last year and do not want a repeat. Precipitation is great too because the freeze damage was made even worse by the winter 'drought' that prefaced it.

    I am headed to Florida on Tuesday and will be back 12/12.
    I still have lots of spring bulbs needing planting and may take some of my Dutch iris to Florida to plant.
    "If I keep a green bough in my heart, a singing bird will come"

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    Cathy, It has been 60 here today with sunshine. So nice. Rain starts tomorrow evening and then gets colder. I think we are to start getting some really colder day time temps this week. I dread it.
    Have a sae trip and have fun in sunny Florida nad hope you have a nice visit with your Mom. We'll miss you.
    tennessee sue

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