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Thread: Just planted alot of crapemyrtle seeds

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    Just planted alot of crapemyrtle seeds

    How long before they start growing ?
    should i place them in sunlight or dark or under grow light.
    Any advice on growing crapemyrtle from seeds would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Brad MY Email is Bradallentreeservice@yahoo.com

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    The big tree ones are going dormant here now. Normally, I do not start any seeds from them until spring.

    But, I see, from the photos that you emailed to me that you have a nice greenhouse with lots of light.

    If anything, I would give them warmth. They thrive in the heat of the summer, but as soon as it gets cool, they start to go dormant.

    It is okay if you let them go dormant during the cold weather, but it is not necessary if you can provide the heat that they need...

    Does that make sense?
    Ann B.
    Zone 9a
    Gulf Coast

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