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Thread: The Dust Bowl (1935)

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    The Dust Bowl (1935)

    I initially went to this site as it was mentioned on local TV--historical photos of Kansas. They showed one photo from the Dust Bowl days. Here it is. Can you believe it ? Hubby asked if it could happen again. I think that the farming methods have been modified to prevent that(crop rotation; leaving field sections fallow for a season; tilling methods). With all the wacky weather at least we don't have this. (Back in the late 80's(1980's) I recall the sky turning dusty orange ! It was dust/dirt blowing in Oklahoma !)
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    That is absolutely scary. We are getting some rain today. It has drizzled all day but is really raining nicely now and is in the forecast for at least the next 4 days. It is a good sound to hear rain outside again. Been way to long.
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