It finally stopped raining, and now it is downright cold. It's a big switch going from the upper 80's with lows in the seventies to being 56 right now and dropping down to 46 tonight.

Actually, it feels good, and I wish it were the weekend so that I could start moving more plants inside when it is cool, not HOT!

I went around and checked and most of my plants are okay. I am letting the amaryllis do as they wish with these cool temps. A few had gone dormant in the heat and the drought, but these very same ones are starting to sprout leaves so I think they prefer a little bit cooler than the sunny south!

Brugs love this time of the year, as well as roses and the red passiflora.

Speaking of passiflora, I have been watching this green fruit for weeks. I was unable to take a peak for the last couple of days due to the constant rain. And guess what? The birds didn't mind because they ate most of the fruit. I did manage to get a few seeds, but not many.

I'm enjoying our first 'chill'!