I have an album set up on Photobucket with all the images taken so far plus a tight shot of my regal Gasteria. Here is the link for those interested:


I use plain old shop lights with regular cool or warm white tubes, nothing fancy or expensive. O-kay, so there may be one thing that's slightly fancy, a survival blanket, which is nothing more that a sheet of Mylar used to reflect the light and some heat that I have around sections of the hanging plant shelf where I have my 4 orchids (such as they are) and my 2 favorite Hoya plants that fit. I also have one of those small "personal" fans in there to circulate the air and keep good air movement, essential for the Orchids.

I had not taken in the Tropical Hibiscus or the Lantana when I took these images. If I had you wouldn't have been able to see past the hibiscus.

All of the Amaryllis seedlings with the exception of the 2 community pots are on one 2 x 3.5 foot shelf and all the others plus the 2 community pots are on the longer shelf.

Each shelf and growing area have only 2 double tube fixtures and the one shelf that isn't lit and has no plants is reserved for starting seeds. It will have to have a third fixture if I do decide to start any seeds early, indoors. I'll also need to replace the burnt out tubes in the two fixtures already in place.

Since taking these images I have moved in the hibiscus and as soon as there is more than one or two blooms, I'll have to get a shot showing them. I have 2 that aren't close enough to the lights, bit there is no safe way to raise them up, and to many tall ones plus the adjacent shelves that depend on the present height of the lights to lower one end.

My Grandmother's Scheff. (Hawaiian Umbrella Tree) had to be set off by itself and is getting supplemental light from a fixture set on it's end and secured to a post behind the "bamboo" shade. The fixture only works on the one side so it works well for this application.

Yes, those are daylily seedlings you see on the end of the one shelf. Actually most are proliferations I didn't want to risk losing if left outside. they have not been potted long enough t have extensive root systems. There are a few "runt" seedlings that because of the cross I couldn't bare to destroy. I'll see if they don't make up their growth by having their "season" extended in this manner.

I could still use a couple more fixtures over the cabinet and I also still need to hang plastic on the door side of the cabinet to keep any cold air off the plants.

Enjoy the images!