I have more than a few, actually, but most are too big to be shipped and be cost effective.

here's what I know I have:

Hoya - 4 small variegated and one good sized lance leaf with silver spots and deep burgundy/maroon blooms. This one should start blooming in a couple more years, sooner with better care.

Tropical Hibiscus - 3, possibly 4 that will fit into a triangular shipping box. These are all unbloomed seedlings that I have given up on. I just can't give them everything they need to grow and bloom properly. Most have be trained to "Standard" form, but they would easily revert to bush form.

Dendrobium <I>phalaenopsis biggibum</I> hybrids - 3 of these, again, the problem I have with them is not being able to give them the proper growing conditions so even if I do get lucky and one tries to bloom, they abort.

Various succulents, mostly Haworthias, some small Aleo and Agave species.

I won't quote a price, all I ask is a donation to the cause (paying the bills) and cost to mail them out. The triangular mailer could be somewhat costly, I'm rally not sure. I did get a shipment of daylilies sent in one of these and it was just under $10.00, but there were at least 10 plants and 5 of them were quite large and heavy! The Tropical Hibiscus would be sent partially bare root, with only enough potting mix to keep the roots from drying out.

Anyway, I thought I would offer these plants to all y'all before I just stick a sign and a donation jar out in the yard. I will have to do just that with plants that are either too big to ship or too easily damaged.

Now don't go and get in a tizzy, I am not getting rid of all of my house plants - some are too precious to do that, but I do have to get the numbers down to a more easily managed collection.

I have just about gotten all of the ones in the basement moved out - still a few down there, but not many. Some are beyond redemption, sorry to say. Then the big clean up has to happen. I've emailed my daughter and more or less told her to be here to help me do this this weekend. Unfortunately I have my doubts about her being able to do so. Doesn't matter as it has to be done then as I have not one, but two housing inspections this coming Tuesday; one for HUD and the other will be made by the prospective buyer of this property and the sister property next door. Needless t say, I have a lot of work to finish in not a lot of time. I will be disguising a lot of things in the office and ferreting them away until after these inspections are done and I can take my time dealing with them.

I will try to get some images of these plants so those interested will be able to see what you're getting. Let me know what you'd like. I doubt I will refuse any offers as long as the cost of shipping is covered.