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Thread: Texas is drowning!

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    Jul 2006
    Austin, Texas

    Texas is drowning!

    The amount of rain we have had this year in Texas has been beyond belief. In Austin alone, we are more than double our normal rainfall for the year and already exceeded our annual average with half a year to go. Temperatures have been below normal for the past 36 days straight and every day so far this summer (we welcome that but not all the rain). I know Houston and the coastal areas are experiencing the same conditions. Our lakes have been overflowing after a drought last year that had them 35' below normal. They are calling for better than 50% chance of rain every day for the next week and we have had some rain fall every day this past week from .1 to 1.5 inches . Our "dry climate" plants are growing like weeds but I wonder how much stress from excessive rain they can take here in central TX. We are fortunately high and dry at 900' above sea level, but flash flooding has been a real threat to the area. Maybe aquatic gardening will catch on in central TX as the new gardening trend! Wish we could send this rain to other areas of the country that need it badly. We are saturated, soaked, and swamped and have had more than our share. This morning, yet another inch of rain - YUK
    Bob Beyer
    Austin TX, Zone 8b/9a

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    OH! Gee!

    Despite normally being the second to the highest rainiest city in the US, we are still very far behind. At this point, I will not hope for much more for I fear another hurricane or tropical storm. Please! NO! Not this year!

    LAS! They are normally 10 years apart, but as you know the last few have been very active.

    We did get just a little bit of rain this morning, and we seem to be getting a little every few days. Believe me! That is a lot better than none for weeks on end.

    At least the grass and weeds (yuk) are growing again, and I am seeing some blooms.

    It sure would be nice to get back to normal, but I have to tell you that you should enjoy that rain while you can. It is awful without it!
    Ann B.
    Zone 9a
    Gulf Coast

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    northeast Tennessee
    We have been getting rain everyday for the past week or so now. 1/2 to 1 inch A day. Our temps have been below normal too. The high the other day was 69. The sun is out today for the first time in a week and it is now 82. I don't look for normal anymore. I just really hope for your sake the storms and hurricanes are not going to be bad this year. I am hoping it will be nice the first of the week when I am finally off for a couple of days. I am way behind in the yard work.
    tennessee sue

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