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Thread: Too Much Rain !

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    Too Much Rain !

    It has rained non-stop since Tuesday. It has been very constant and heavy for at least 3 days. I'd guess 5-6 inches total.The one downspout near my daylilies is stopped up and the gutter is overflowing and making a good sized pool. It is supposed to end sometime Sunday. I sure hope it does. Good thing the pond isn't right up close although it is over its banks.
    Not singing in the rain in Wichita !
    "If I keep a green bough in my heart, a singing bird will come"

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    Not trying to upstage you, but it's been worse in Central TX. We had 19" fall just 40 miles west of us, 8" in one hour alone which has caused flooding along all the rivers and lakes. It's been on the national news. They have opened up as many flood gates as possible on the Colorado River dams to release water but our lakes are 10-20' above capacity levels. At our place NW Austin, we have been spared relatively speaking but have had well over 6" during this past week and finally have a reprieve - sent it to OK and KS it seems. Today and yesterday it has been sunny and hot again - into the 90's, but they say we could have a reoccurance of heavy rains thru July 4th to fizzle our fireworks. :-)
    This has been such an abnormal and strange year weather wise for a lot of people. Ann is in the SE just begging for some of our rain!!
    Bob Beyer
    Austin TX, Zone 8b/9a

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    This has been a strange weather year. We finally got a good soaking rain last night with about an inch of rain. We had a couple of showers earlier but not nearly enough.
    I feel for those in the flooded areas. I have been watching in the news and cannot imagine how terrible to see everything you worked for destroyed by those high waters. They are in my prayers.
    tennessee sue

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