I just love going to the farmer's market. I missed going this morning, but will go again on sat. One guy there sells beautiful full gal. plants for 6 for 25.00. Got some new daylilies last week (3) naomi ruth, prarie blue eyes, and autumn red. This is the 3rd time I have planted veronica 'red fox'. If this one dies, I'm done! I have different veronica's that grow fine.
Also got a regal splendor hosta that was big enough to divide into 6 plants, not single eyed either! I just love doing that.
I picked up a tuberous non stop begonia for 1.00. A couple 4 pks. of lavender ($1), 4 pk. ($1)early sunrise coreopsis, a flat of marigolds for 3.00 and a flat of petunias for 3 bucks. Now I need to do some hanging baskets with the pets.
I have a whole field of wildflowers, with lots of coreopsis, but I really liked the looks of the early sunrise, with the fuller blooms.