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Thread: misting equipment

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    misting equipment

    Hi I am new here.
    Can someone tell me about what type of water timers I need to buy for misting my cuttings?, also who sells such item's

    Along with that who sells planting pots cheap.


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    There is a long post string from last winter that will help.
    Jim Lang

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    Misting timer and fittings

    I went to www.dripirrigation.com to find my misting system timer. I got the one that is 120 volt powered 6 separtate individually programmable outlets (runds 6 misting lines or drip irrigation lines, etc) and costs $77.00 and change. They can set you up with all the nozzles and fittings too.

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    Welcome to Landspro. There are some really good folks over here, hang around and you will learn a lot!

    There is a decision matrix that must be addressed. For rooting cuttings you want the misting system to keep the foliage from drying out, but keep the rooting medium from being too wet or soggy. For this purpose, you need frequent, low volume, short duration spray. This misting only needs to be done during the daytime. So from an hour after sunup, till an hour before sundown, you will need a timer that will come on for a few seconds (long enough to wet the leaves) and do this at about 10-15 minute intervals depending on the humidity in the area. This only needs to happen during the rooting process. Once the roots have been established, the intervals between misting should be gradually increased up to the point when the plants are potted or planted out. After that, the watering can be switched to only a few times a day, or less and dispensed with a drip or overhead sprinkler system.

    Just these few considerations mean that you need multiple function timers that can have separate programs for multiple line/zones. Some folks use two timers, a 24-hour on/off system timer, and a programmable interval timer to control the intermittent timings for cuttings at various stages of growth.
    Seedlings will bring up a whole different set of considerations.

    One source, in addition to the one above is:

    Let us know what you think.
    Tom W
    Aching Back Farm

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