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Thread: Unknown Iris or Lily.

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    Unknown Iris or Lily.

    I collected seeds for this plant, in Florida, (Orlando) in September. I have never seen it in bloom. The leaves, on the mother plant, are about 18 to 24 inches tall. The seed pods, which look like little cucumbers, or gherkins, about an inch on an inch and a half long, sit atop a plain, bare flower stem (no leaves on the stem) that originates at the base of the plant, kind of like a day lily. The pods are dry, and just starting to split in September. Inside are many round black seeds, a little smaller than a BB.

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    It could be one of the species Iris, it is certainly not a lily (Lilium or true Lily). It will be much easier to ID once it blooms. Going by where you brought it back from and the slenderness of the foliage I'd say it like a good deal of moisture to be able to bloom.


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