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Thread: Murreya paniculata (Orange Jessamine)

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    Murreya paniculata (Orange Jessamine)

    Since we've begun a nice series of discussions about subtropical and tropical plants, let me sing praises about the Orange Jessamine (Murreya paniculata). This georgeous shiny leaved plant looks like a boxwood somewhat but produces the most fragrant orange blossom scented white blooms followed by small red berries. It can be shaped nicely and is much more cold resistant that I ever thought. I have left mine on the back covered patio in temps just below freezing without any damage at all to it. Although it is mostly grown as a medium sized shrub, my plant is a tree form, but I recently discovered a nursery source for a dwarf form that gets no larger than 2' tall and wide and blooms at only 6" tall. Gotta get that one
    Bob Beyer
    Austin TX, Zone 8b/9a

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    Is the dwarf form evergreen? I have heard of it before, but never seen one available locally.

    If you get one, please tell us more about how it does...
    Ann B.
    Zone 9a
    Gulf Coast

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