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Thread: Copper Leaf Plant

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    Copper Leaf Plant

    Here is another beauty Mom has. It grows easily from cuttings.
    They can grow quite tall and wide--about 6 x 6.
    Her plant looks like this but much bigger:
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    I adore the copper plant. I have had several varieties and they list two of my favorites.

    They do grow huge in the garden in no time, and they are easily propagated.

    They are grown as an annual here because they will melt down during a frost and not come back.

    Still, I love 'em!
    Ann B.
    Zone 9a
    Gulf Coast

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    Yep, three of the most colorful tropicals are Crotons, Acalypha, and the Ti Plant mentioned in another post, all very tender but can be easily propagated for seasonal color in the outdoor garden if protected during winter. I share your love for Copper Leaf plant varieties Ann, but find them hard to find in Austin. The Louisiana Red was readily available this past year but that was about it. What other varieties do you have?
    Bob Beyer
    Austin TX, Zone 8b/9a

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