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Thread: Ornamental grasses

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    Ornamental grasses

    What ornamental grasses do you grow?
    Which ones would you NOT plant again?
    Happy Growing,
    Vicki in West. Mich.

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    Pampas grass is a no-no here. It grows huge, and if you ever decide to get rid of it.... Well, you can burn it, and it comes back bigger and prettier than ever.

    I know it is not a grass, and I don't know if it is hardy up there, but I adore variegated Liriope.

    I think Shepp grows a lot of grass, but last I heard from him, he is too busy for the computer. If you still have his email address, you might try to send him a note and ask...
    Ann B.
    Zone 9a
    Gulf Coast

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    I believe Miscanthus species are hardy in your area. They come in quite a variety of sizes and also many beautiful variegated varieties. Pennisetum's are also very nice. Festuca glauca is a neat mounding 12" blueish colored grass. It is too warm for that in TX but I love it. We have a native grass in TX called Mexican Feather Grass (Nasella, aka Stipa) that my books show as hardy to zone 5. The fine texture in this is incredible and it only grows to 2' tall. Phalaris or Ribbon Grass is listed as hardy in Zone 5. There are so many ornamental grasses that your most difficult problem will be which ones to choose
    Bob Beyer
    Austin TX, Zone 8b/9a

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    The Purple Majesty millet is a beautiful annual. I'm not sure if it is a grass but I believe it is. It is annual and doesn't grow too tall. The more sun it gets the darker it is. The seed heads are very attractive and the birds love them. You have to protect them if you want seeds to save. It is also attractive in planters as the center upright plant.
    tennessee sue

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