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Thread: full sun plant suggestions

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    full sun plant suggestions

    What large plants do you like for hot full sun????
    Happy Growing,
    Vicki in West. Mich.

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    Well you know I'm going to say DAYLILIES! But also good are Purple Coneflower, Black-eyed Susan, Laitris (Gay-feather), true lilies (any type), roses, including climbers and miniatures,German Bearded Iris, Siberian Iris Heuchura 'Palace Purple'. Columbine, Hollyhock, Phlox, Dahlias, Glads. Budleia (Butterfly Bush), Hardy Hibiscus, Asters, Mums, Hardy Geraniums and of course any number of annuals.

    The coneflowers and B-E Susans are very drought tolerant and the iris both like well drained soil, altho

    Columbine can get pretty ratty looking in summer if they don't get enough moisture, but they can't stand to stay wet though the Siberians do like more moisture.

    Clematis do very well in full sun as long as the roots are kept shaded (heavily mulched).

    Peonies are another, but they do get pretty big and often need to be staked or caged at the beginning of the growing season so they don't flop as badly. Unless you go with the Japanese Tree Peony.

    Finding plants for full sun in a nice loamy soil should be easy. finding ones you like, however, may be more difficult! This ought to give you a good assortment of foliage, bloom and height so you have not only color, but texture as well and a long bloom period.

    Hope this helps.

    Nature is trying very hard to make us succeed, but nature does not depend on us. We are not the only experiment.
    - R. Buckminster Fuller

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