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    Full Sun

    I'm been working on a section for my east fence line. It is in full sun, all day, no shade. sandy loam soil. I have removed the top couple inches,
    now I want to rototill add layers of newspapers, add compost and top with pine needle mulch.

    Should I add the compost underneath the newspapers or on top????
    Before I've added compost underneath and on top, but I think that is defeating the purpose of covering up the weed seeds. (that might be in the compost).
    Hmmmmm. . . ... .
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    Vicki in West. Mich.

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    Put the newspaper on top and if you still need something more decorative, add pine back over the newspapers.

    Are you using full sheets or shredded newspaper? Once wet, the shredded wouldn't be as obvious as full sheets plus it will break down faster, but you can also use more of it to create a weed free zone.

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