Hello everyone,
Yesterday was a lovely day (I swear it felt like it was 70 degrees outside!) and while outside with my children I noticed seeds on my Peace rose. I thought it would make hips but I think the birds must have eaten most of them, leaving the seeds stuck in this stuff where the flowers once were- (by the way it has been so warm that climbing 'Iceburg' actually had a little pitiful bloom open.) Anyway, I pulled them all out and put them in a baggie...now what? Do I have to stratify them? I put them in the fridge because I don't want to start them right now, closer to spring I think would be better. I think it is probably a selfing since the peace rose kept blooming well into fall and nothing else was. I'm interested because it was my Grandmothers favorite rose.
Thanks a bunch!!!!
P.S. Trying to breed blackspot, mildew and bug resistant roses sounds like fun to me. Maybe I'll start collecting some older tougher varieties...a new hobby LOL