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Thread: Christmas Kitty

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    Christmas Kitty

    Just read and watched a video on CNN.com about a kitty who got shipped in a batch of Christmas trees from Oregon to a Home Depot in Davie, Florida. I was happy to see that a very compassionate cat loving gentleman had adopted her. Her fur was matted with tree sap, her tail was black and mangled in nylon and she was weak. The vet had to amputate her severely broken tail. The new owner says she has 'brothers and sisters' now and that she is terrorizing them already. What a sweet story.
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    Reminds me of Rebecca's story about saving the kitties at Walmart. All that after so many struggles of her own.

    Sniper, my baby, that is one of the latest rescues is still a little on the wild side. She wants to go outside, so when she can manage, she zips out like the speed of lightening. She doesn't venture far, just from the garage to under my car, out a bit to the flower beds. She plays in the grass, chews a little (maybe that is what she needs), then after a couple of hours, she waits for one of us to come out and scurries (at the speed of lightening) past Blue in the garage and into the house as soon as the door is opened again.

    My baby is tiny, perhaps the smallest kitty that I have ever seen. She is smaller than Taco. I worry when she escapes outside because she is not wise about the outside. I do remember coming home that one day and finding her crying, on her side, and I feared that I had run over her with the car. A trip to the vet said she had worms really bad, so she was made well and came home to live inside and later 'fixed'. She was my first experience with a female cat, and I don't mind telling you that she was keeping us up at night with her crying and howling.

    She is also the only cat that I have that adores having her belly rubbed and licks my arm in tiny little kisses.

    God bless the man who rescued the kitty after such a long travel.

    Now, if only Taco would realize that he is not a CAT!
    Ann B.
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