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Thread: Free Greenhouse Plans

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    Post Free Greenhouse Plans

    Just saw this on another site and NEED to share. This site sells the "impossible to find" parts and plans to build a truely professional PVC greenhouse with strait walls. My next one will be like this. These are the parts for PVC furniture too.

    Go to www.snapclamp.com/greenhouse.htm

    Gary J

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    snap clamps

    Gary-so that's what these dealies are I've been using for years. A local seed supplier has been bringing them in, really pricey (75 cents each for the 3/4 in. ones) but they are so useful for making temporary poly tunnels in the veggie garden, or covers for tomatoes in our blight ridden coastal gardens.

    They are a bit hard on the poly if you're clipping and unclipping every day, but it's so much more convenient than holding the edge down with soil or lumber-then it's either all the way on or off. With the clips, you can lift one end, or both, or all the length partway, it's very versatile.

    Hopefully these guys would sell a lot cheaper direct to their customers. Possibly not practical to bring across the border in small quantities, tho. A great find, Gary-thanks for the link!--Glen in BC

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