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Thread: Conflicting Hellebore Seed Starting Directions

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    Conflicting Hellebore Seed Starting Directions

    Conflicting Hellebore Seed Starting Directions

    What’s the right way(assuming you have seeds to plant right now-November in Zone 6) ?

    1)Hellebore seed are easy to sprout if they are planted fresh, but not if they are allowed to dry. When sowing the seed in pots, do so as soon as they are ripe, and keep the pots outdoors until Christmas, since the seed need a cold treatment to sprout. The seed pots can be brought indoors at this time and they will sprout immediately. If left outdoors, they will sprout in late winter.
    2) Hellebore seed is said to germinate best if NEVER dried, give it 12 weeks of WARM, MOIST conditions followed by 12 weeks or more of COLD, WET conditions.
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    Cathy, I haven't been lucky enough to have the seed before but there is a forum for hellebore ob GardenWeb. A few people have talked about how to start them from seeds. It would be interesting to try. Let us know what you decide to do with yours.
    tennessee sue

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    I remember Glen talking about hellebores. I bumped his thread in an attempt to get him to visit and respond.

    Here is the link:

    Ann B.
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