I did this today after reading the article below in today's garden section(from Annie Calovich -The Wichita Eagle):

Clean iris beds -- Irises are easy, mostly problem-free flowers for the garden. The way to keep them that way is to clean up iris beds in the fall,Upham says. That keeps fungus and borers from hanging around over the winter to go on attack in the spring. Remove leaves and other garden debris from the beds.

Other things you can do, Upham says: make sure iris beds are uncrowded, smash small borers whenever you see them burrowed down a leaf toward the rhizome, avoid watering iris from overhead and overwatering, remove and dispose of spotty leaves, and, when dividing, cut away and dispose of any borer-infested rhizome parts, which usually are soft and slimy.

I didn't find, or look for, anything slimy !
I did remove leaves and tug out willing dead iris leaves. Also, I made certain that I could locate the rhizomes for each iris and uncovered any soil covering them. The rhizomes(the finger like surface structures) are like little solar panels storing energy for the plant and they need to have exposure to light.