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Thread: tropical hibiscus

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    tropical hibiscus

    My friend bought 2 pretty tropical hibiscus this summer. Now it is time to bring them in and I told her I would ask my friends at Landspro how to take care of them. I have never had any so I am clueless.
    Thanks in advance for the info.
    tennessee sue

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    Tropical hibiscus do quite well inside. They will not bloom unless given a lot of light, but they will do just fine. Keep the soil barely moist. They will not drink as much inside as they do outside.

    Watch out for aphids and other critters. Your friend might want to spritz them with insecticidle soap a few times to make sure they are free of unwanted critters.

    Also, don't be surpised if some of the leaves turn yellow and drop. Hibiscus do that when their conditions are rapidly changed.

    I have some that I never moved from the porch. They are probably rooted into the ground by now. The blooms were gorgeous even though they only received indirect light. There weren't as many blooms, but those that they had were pretty and large.
    Ann B.
    Zone 9a
    Gulf Coast

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