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Thread: Dried Seeds

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    Dried Seeds

    I've been noticing dried seed pods on daylilies like at businesses and other places. Do you think they seeds that are still in those pods might sprout if harvested now and soaked when ready to plant? There are some on my neighbors too and she has some nice daylilies. I got some from her Big Smile that I crossed one day when we were standing there talking.
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    A good many will sprout and grow but most of the landscaping plants are Stella and she doesn't often give anything better than itself. I wouldn't wast time on them. However, the ones that you are pretty sure are NOT Stellaa I say go for it as you could get something interesting from them. I doubt you will find many seeds left in the opened pods, but then you aren't looking for a lot of them, right?! Here's a hint, if the scapes hold ing the open pod are taller that knee high they most likely are not Stella or it's kid, 'Happy Returns', so gather what you can of them. And do pre-sprout them just to be sure they are still viable.

    I kept quite a few "Bee Pods" this year and made a selfing on top of that. Most are being farmed out, but I will keep a few since they are not ones I've kept bee pod seeds from before and would like to see what comes from them. Might even get something useful!

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