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Thread: Earthquake this morning ?

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    Earthquake tremors this morning ?


    Gee, did anyone here experinece this one ?
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    I don't think anything was felt here. I know that I did not notice any tremors, but I was at Home Depot at the time and not outside.
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    Sorry, but that one was from the wrong fault line for me to have felt it! And, Indiana dopes get tremmors occasionally - about every 10 years or so. These ususally emminate from the fault line in the vicinity of MO and the Mississippi River. Last one I felt was several decades ago, the last one felt in Indiana was perhaps 8 to 10 years ago and you only felt it if you happened to be outside and standing still. Very minor rumble. Now the one I felt when I was living in the douthern part of the state was different than a mear rumble. It had the fridge walking out into the room and the hanging backets plants on the side proch were swinging to and fro. Dishes rattled in the cupboard and you felt this one even indise the house. Weird!

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