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Thread: To fert or not to fert.

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    To fert or not to fert.

    Lost count of the 100+ days . and we are on water rationing... trying to keep the roses alive .. and wondering if I should fertilize them ... haven't figured they are both heat and water stressed .. opinions appreciated. Grass is going .. all over . lot of plants as well . lost only one bush so far


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    I went through that earlier this spring and summer. None of my old roses died, and because of where they are, they were not watered (too far from water hose). They bloomed and yes, they were ripped to shreds by all the hurricanes last year. It was as if they didn't even notice.

    I haven't fertilized them either. In fact, I have learned that I don't have to fertilize them like I do the hybrids. If they are hybrids, you HAVE to fertilize them often or they will not do well. The older, own root, antique, old roses are more forgiving and because they are used to growing without all of the extra attention, I think that makes them more forgiving when they aren't fertilized.

    At this point, they probably need water more than anything else, but why don't you try a weak solution of fertilizer with the water or use those fertilizer stakes?

    I hope some others will have ideas to offer....
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    Well, all I know is what the nursery guy said and that is that roses are heavy feeders and fertilize them(middle number highest) once a week. That being said, I would consider the drought situation and maybe the roses have some adaptive dormancy thing going on, in which case I wouldn't be encouraging them to bloom(middle number) and to conserve their energy. I also believe that if it ain't broke don't fix it. Unless the roses look like they are ailing, I'd just keep doing what you've been doing.
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    If you fert . only use liquid type in water .
    If you put dry type it will either dry out turn to powder [ when it gets water - to strong and shock or burn roots . ] and get blow away or the sunshine / heat will change it to something else .
    For roses , brugs and just about any other plans - Epson salts are good , but need yo be mixed with water if ground is dry enough to crack .
    When the ground is dry enough to crack , I drop the little plant fert. stakes into the cracks and put a little peat on top .
    The peat marks the spot and sucks up dew and then drops a drop or 2 of water on fert. stake .
    If you have a germicide you can spray in cracks to stop weed seeds that fall or are blown in .

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