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Thread: Glorious Temperatures

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    Glorious Temperatures

    It is wonderful here today. It must only be low 70's. The reason is the cloud cover. So, if we can escape the rain today(it's predicted for tomorrow) this could be an awesome day ! How nice to have the windows open and get a breeze ! Can't garden til around 3 though as we have a conversational spanish class at 1-2:30 and, I, er, um, have to study til then ! I'll probably just fall asleep in the chair as I do that !
    If any of you are golf lovers, or want to see a little bit of Kansas, the US Senior Open is being televised(probably on ESPN and/or NBC) from Prairie Dunes golf course in Hutchinson Kansas --about an hour west. The weather has been unusually mild for July in Kansas and we've got all the out of state people 'snowed' !
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