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Thread: Too much rain

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    Too much rain

    Planting has been called on account of rain ! It rains during the night and the sun comes out during the day but the ground is way tto wet.

    I have no idea when I'll be able to continue planting ! It would have been great if the planting had been done !
    "If I keep a green bough in my heart, a singing bird will come"

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    Still no rain here... SO!!!! Send it on down, okay?

    The forecast for today is a high of 95, but it's supposed to go back down to the normal lower 90's for the next few days.

    They keep forecasting rain several days out, then changing it, so it's back to hauling hoses around again.

    Enjoy the rain and when you get tired of it, please don't forget to send it my way (not to Houston, okay?)!!!!
    Ann B.
    Zone 9a
    Gulf Coast

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