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Thread: USPS - Ship from HOME!!!

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    USPS - Ship from HOME!!!

    It seems rather odd that I would receive this today. I was just thinking about purchasing a scale so that I could ship from here rather than making that trip to the post office.

    Anyway, the card says to visit the following site:


    They also have a reasonably price scale that you can purchase. It looks to me like the 10 lb one is the best buy, but maybe not... Depending on what you are shipping, huh?

    Sure beats fighting traffic for 30 minutes, then waiting in line forever and a day, doesn't it?

    This may be the answer to my prayers....
    Ann B.
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    Acutally the 10# scale is the better buy, unless the only thing you ship is seeds. I want one myself, and someday I will have one. But any accurate scales will work since the rates increas at 1 pound increments, so even an ounce over a pound is at the next pound weight.

    You can get all of your shipping supplies from the USPS on line Store, mailers, boxes, tape, lables, Delivery Conformation reciepts, etc. For Free even, you only pay the actual postage and for fees for special handling (like Delivery Conformation). With "Click 'n' Ship, you cn even print out your shipping lables, pay for it and arrange for pick-up. Yep, nowadays you can do it ll from the comfort of your own home!

    If I had been able to get a set of scales that's how I would be doing things, except for when I run out of ink in the printer! Fortunately, for me, my Post Office is only a few blocks away and seldom is there a long line. Plus, if I have several packages all I have to do is take them to the back door and they'll take them to the desk for me.

    Yes, I really like the USPS for taking care of my seed and plant shipping needs.

    Which reminds me, I need to order boxes! And tape. . . .

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