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Thread: back from trip

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    back from trip

    I just got back from taking my Mom to Ky. for her little vacation. We had a ball and she did really well, didn't get too worn out.
    They were having a 400 mile yard sale where we were (near Bowling Green). Guess what I bought? Only about 15 new gardening books. Some great ones I think.
    I also bought a pot of Bishop's Weed. One guy had a pretty flower in his beds , When I asked him what it was he said he didn't know but I was welcome to pull up as many as I wanted. He got me wet paper towels and a plastic bag and I pulled up several of them. I think it is probably some type of annual that self seeds really well. It has tall ferny looking foliage with yellow flowers that resemble snapdragons. Anyway they were pretty and I was happy to have a new plant, esp. a freebee.
    Yesterday I went to Indiana to visit cousins there and "borrowed" a little plant from his garden. It is some type of sedum with yellow blooms but different foliage from the one I already have.
    We really had a good time and I guess it will be the last time my Mom makes it that far so I am glad I took her but am sure glad to be home. I can't wait until tomorrow to go out and visit all my plants. My Rose Campion is blooming and my sparaxis. Oh and my Splish Splash geranium has finally bloomed. It is really pretty. My Mon Amour glads have grown bunches while I was gone. That's Just the beds by the door that I can see by the porch light. I can't wait to "visit" the rest. of my babies.
    I missed you guys,too.
    tennessee sue

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    Oh, Sue!

    Sounds like so much fun to me. I am studying for this dreaded test, but guess what? I have to take a lot of breaks. It's too nice outside to be cooped up.

    Hunter is off to camp.

    Then 4 more days of studying.

    Next week, I hope to visit some gardens...
    Ann B.
    Zone 9a
    Gulf Coast

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    That 400 mile yard sale must be a sight to behold. Only saw it on TV but it looked really neat. I can just see you acquiring those freebee plants Lucky to have found so many gardening books.
    Glad your Mom had a good time and hope she's able to take more !
    "If I keep a green bough in my heart, a singing bird will come"

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