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Thread: lilac propagation

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    lilac propagation

    My nephew and his girlfriend called me before Mother's Day wanting to know if I had a lilac. They had looked at all the local nurseries and could not find one. I let them dig up a shoot from mine. Mine originally came from my Great Grandmother's.
    I am going to dig up the rest of the ones that have grown out into the yard and pot them up. Also going to start cuttings. Just for the fun of it I might even try seeds. Mine is the old timey purple on but my neighbor also has a white one that I want to try.
    DOes anyone have the purple sensation? I want that one too. It is so different and beautiful.
    tennessee sue

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    The only Lilac I've ever been very successful with is a dwarf Korean one. The original was either a root sucker or a seeedling I dug up from under the maother plant that grew at one of the restaurants I worked at years ago. It surprised me when it lived and the last few years it has perfumed the spring air so nicely. Lst year it was pruned back rather severely so I didn't ecpect much of a show this srping. I should have been more generous. It has been beautiful this spring. I did find a branch, low on the shrub, that had pinned itself to the soil and rooted. I dug it out, potted it up and pruned it way back. It is growing, so now I have two of them.

    They are probably fairly easy to grow from seed, but unles they are a species, probably won't bloom true.

    Hope you can find the ones you want!

    I'll stick with my dawrf Koreans.

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