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Thread: Guara ?

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    Guara ?

    I bought this lovely plant today at Lowes. As usual, I made a bee-line to the back of the garden center intent on finding the highly prized ‘discount racks’! I bought two of these in gallon pots for $1 apiece. Now, if you think the photo is pretty, imagine that flower in a rich deep pink. The flowers float like butterflies! And it appears that they are tough plants. I would have liked to get more but the remaining couple looked iffy and I had my eye on some other goodies. Now before I go off onto another story, guara is a herbaceous perennial—how would you go about propagating it ?

    The fun didn’t stop there! I spied 2 very lonely astilbes(1 gallon)- basically healthy but needing TLC. I have pink astilbe already and these are probably red or deep pink but you know how it is....a healthy plant on a discount rack and not everyone understands astilbe like you do…LOL! $1 apiece !
    Then I saw some very very healthy creeping phlox whose only indiscretion, that landed them at the discount racks, was that they were done blooming. They were in both single pots or 6 packs(each cell was huge—like a single pot). The only problem is that they hadn’t been given the blue spray paint spritz to signify ‘discounted’. I found a man watering plants and asked him. He said they probably were going to be marked down but hadn’t been yet. So, I asked if we could pursue that. So he takes one 6 pack to the register and it comes up $9(they were tagged $6.98 so that was odd). Then he tried to tell me that that wasn’t a bad price for all I was getting. I told him a dollar would be better and he said well, maybe $1.50 per cell! So, I thanked him and left him in my dust as I went back there and woo-wee- now there were all the Lowes employees you could want ! I asked a young man and he said yes they would be discounted but he didn’t have what he needed. I asked if he meant the blue spray paint and told him there’s a can right there. So he proceeded to spray dot them all. Bless his heart ! He said ‘it doesn’t hurt to ask’ and even brought me a cart. I loaded up 7 of them. 42 huge cells of emerald blue moss phlox. So, $49 worth of phlox for $7. I kept waiting for someone to come over and say oh no those aren’t a dollar because the cashier had to call a superior to come do an override. But all went well.
    Of course, I realize now that it is so propagatable that it isn’t even funny. I will have creeping phlox everywhere. I do think it will work well planting over lilies if I do ever take them out of their pots. Fun shopping trip !
    "If I keep a green bough in my heart, a singing bird will come"

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    You and Lowe's! See this is why there isn't a Lowe's here; I'd be in deep doo-doo for sure.

    Nature is trying very hard to make us succeed, but nature does not depend on us. We are not the only experiment.
    - R. Buckminster Fuller

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    I love the guara. I had the deep pink one, but after 3 yrs. it was no more. They are hardy but short lived here in the north. I started a bunch from seed last year, and they bloomed white. But they did winter over. You can divide them if they get big enough. Probably even cuttings, too.

    Sounds like you really made out on your shopping trip. WTG!
    We have a Lowe's here, but I never see plants marked down! Don't know if somebody snaps them up before I can get there or what. Hmmmm. . . . . doesn't keep me from trying whenever I'm in the neighborhood.
    Happy Growing,
    Vicki in West. Mich.

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    Rebecca, I can't believe you don't have a Lowe's. I can go for nails and always come home with plants. I found a pieris japonica marked down earlier this year. It had a few burnt (from cold) tips but is doing well after a little TLC.
    We have a new Home Depot but I haven't been there yet. They also have a nice garden dept.
    I will probably go nursery hopping one day this week. I have been looking for some yellow petunias. Not easy to find the yellow. I need them to go in my yellow and pink bed that I have started around the beautiful glads that Cathy sent me. Everything in the bed matches the glads.
    tennessee sue

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