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Thread: Rain !

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    Rain !

    It’s quiet on the board today !
    We have been getting tons of rain here ! Despite that, I started the battle of the landscape fabric last night and kept saying over and over, “Whoever put this down in the first place should be throttled soundly !” I expect cutting, pulling and whining will be on my agenda for the weekend(between the rain drops).
    "If I keep a green bough in my heart, a singing bird will come"

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    Cathy, sounds like a job for hubby to help with. Maybe the rain will help you cool off while tugging and pulling.LOL
    I think we are supposed to get rain too. I hope not tomorrow as I am off and have lots I want to do.
    Today I dragged all the basement plants out and soaked them well. I hope my makeshift table doesn't fall over under the weight.
    I also cleaned out some things that didn't make it over winter. I think slugs this spring might have had something to do with some of the loss. Everything is being moved from that area and it is being treated for slugs before I plant it, especially since some hostas will go there.
    One thing I lost was my crinum. The bulb had completely rotted. I knew I should have planted it last fall. You know what they say about hind sight.
    tennessee sue

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