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Thread: I'm Back!!!!!

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    I'm Back!!!!!

    Been offline for awhile and was surprised to get back with 3,000+ e-mails!!!! So it's taken me time, with the spring repairs, cleanup, planting, etc. to really sit down and catch up.
    Hope everyone is having a great season so far! Things have really awakened here. We had a mild winter. Half as much snow as usual, not much rain yet to speak of. Although it is raining now and supposed to continue thru tues. Would'nt you know after I spent a couple hours watering.

    I've put in some new shrubs and plants and they seem to be settling in good. I prepared a rather large area in Dec., so the dozen or so plants in there so far, don't begin to take up enough ground. I'm aiming for a pink, blue, and purple garden with a few white (david phlox) and a few yellow's too.

    I bought another diablo ninebark for the new bed, along with a pink beauty potentilla, a petit blue caryopteris, and a little princess spirea. I have the greatest place to buy shrubs and I need to go back and buy some more.

    The grandgirls are excited it's spring so we can plant some fowers! Weeding is alot easier for them this year, although they prefer to dig holes. The new grandson is just now 4 months old, and a little sweetie. Here's a recent pic, Troy Alan Miller
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    Happy Growing,
    Vicki in West. Mich.

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    Vicki, Glad you are back. What a cutie your little grandson is.
    It would be so much fun to have grandkids to garden with. They will remember that when they are older.
    I have a Diablo that I need to plant. They are a beautiful shrub.
    I am still working on my flower beds trying to get them ready for plants. I went to a plant sale yesterday and bought a bunch of plants and went today and bought more. So I have plants sitting everywhere in pots ready for a home.
    We have missed you and are glad you are back. I about went crazy when I was off line.
    tennessee sue

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    Yeaaaahhhhh! Vicki's BACK!!!

    Vicki!!!!! Somehow, I knew you'd be back. We've really, really missed you. Sue was gone for awhile and now she is back as active as ever. We missed her too!

    Maybe some others will return now that spring is upon us...

    It's so good to hear from you again. Your little grandson is absolutely precious. No doubt in my mind that you are doing not much other than enjoying that little one!!!
    Ann B.
    Zone 9a
    Gulf Coast

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