That about sums up my day today. I guess I am a late bloomer when it comes to mowers. This is our first self-propelled mower(got it at a huge discount because someone damaged it and returned it;they fixed it and put it out next to the snow blowers!). The mower b4 that was a 10 year old Murray with 3 wheels!
Here is what I learned:
1)If you want it to self-propel , you have to squeeze the little self-propel lever towards you. I had mowed about 1/4 of the yard when hubby came out and asked why I wasn't using the self-propel feature. Duh ! I was wondering why he had said how great the self-propel was earlier and I was pushing it and wondering what the heck was so great about it !
2)If you want to pull the mower backwards, it is easier if you let go of the self-propel lever! Took me some time to figure out why the back wheels didn't move when I pulled it backwards and why it was so hard to pull it backwards !
3)And best of all, coordination ! You have to squeeze a horizontal bar towards you to keep it running. If you also want self-propel, you have to squeeze the bar and at the same time squeeze the self-propel lever on the right. Guess how many times I shut the mower off completely after I figured out I had to let go of the self-propel lever in order to pull the mower backwards ?! (About 4!).

The sprinkler guy came to run the sprinklers for the first time after winter. The city also requires a backflow vavle check. Here was my chance to quiz him about directing sprinkler heads and to see where the heck all the heads were hidden. Well, use your imaginations here, see the crazy lady running through a gauntlet of rotating sprinkler heads, getting doused right and left, flailing her arms in the air and yelping, "No, oh, ugh, oh no !'