Hello again
I am once again about to clone some azaleas and went online to read up on it. I have had lots of successes in the past with my azalea cloning, thank you for the help, but my maple trees are spectacular now! (I know you were all groaning over my wanting to grow maple trees but the mother tree is so spectacular in the Fall) Last Spring I took new shoots that came up from the base of the tree, and they rooted readily using Rootone, stuck in sand/peat moss-filled pots, topped with bottomless 2 liter coke bottles and put in shade but no direct sun. I dug the pots into the raised bed garden soil during this past winter and placed bottomless biscotti clear plastic jars (without their lids) over the dug-in pots (to keep the darn squirrels from nibbling the bark tips) My largest and oldest maple is easily 16' tall and branching nicely, the others are smaller but I found that if I planted them in the ground when they were just one season old (and kept my spouse from weed-whacking them), they grew much much faster, so the pots actually may stunt tree growth? I need to plant out my two newest maple babies since they have now leafed out and are ready to take off.
Anyway, thanks to you all for the encouragement.