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Thread: soil solarization

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    Sandi- Thanks. That is nice and not too expensive.

    One other thing I see in the photo , and something I have considered, is that I should probably go to raised beds with my planting.
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    I just read this thread - it sure does seem to wonder all about, but back to your original question:

    No matter which plastic cover you pick (black, white, or clear), make sure it is UV resistant. If it's not, it will do like my first attempt with clear, and fall to pieces in a very short time.

    Some weed seeds and roots are quite resistant to high temperatures, and if you have them, they will return in short order so don't be surprised if you get weeds shortly after removing the plastic. Just plan on digging or pulling them out. Consistancy in keeping them from seeding or spreading is the only sure way to keep them out. Some directions I've read indicate that you need to seal the edges with a little soil to keep the heat from excaping during the day.

    If you are growing shrubs, or perrienials and not counting on any "reseeding" there are some really good pre-emergents out there that will go a long way toward keeping annual weeds out. This one daylilly farm near me uses 4" raised beds with fine pine bark mulch and preen to keep their rows and paths completely weed free.

    I'm not a big fan of chemicals, but without some of them I would never be able to grow anything.
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    Tom, Thanks for the info. I will be sure to watch for uv on the film as it is a big mess when it falls apart. I don't use a lot of chemicals but pre-emergent is going to be a necessity for me for a while.
    Sorry this thread wandered all over the place, my fault I got off on a tangent. I do appreciate your input. You brought up some things I hadn't thought of. Thanks bunches.
    tennessee sue

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