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Thread: Hi, I'm new too

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    Wink Hi, I'm new too

    Hi All,

    I am an elderly lady who is blessed with a son interested in gardening. As my strength ebbs, his interest is increasing and my garden is able to live on.......roses...antique & modern, hydrangeas, hosta, iris....water, reticulata, bearded, Siberian & Japanese......Daylilies of all sorts,in all over 1000 varieties from semi-tropical to northern plants.......I love to stretch the zones.

    I have many years of trial & error gardening behind me & I want to pass on to my son all the better ways that you folks suggest & maybe add a few things I have learned along the way......

    We have many problems trying to grow a lush garden where we are, because of drought & extreme conditions, but we have been moderately successful....We have 32 acres, much of which is devoted to wildlife refuge.....I have dogs which are trained to respect my gardens...(I can share how to do that)

    Things that simplify our gardening are becoming important because my son must be all things around here & his time is limited......any hints on microclimates, cisterns, drought management(Jeff in B.C. has already come up with a winner) that you have discovered is welcome info.

    Ann, I am so pleased you chose to start this. You have almost inspired me to start my own site (not on plants).......if i could do it as well as you have done.......I'd go right ahead....congratulations.

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    Oh, Wow!


    Your acreage sounds wonderful. My Boykin Spaniel, age 15 1/2 passed away last Feb. 9, but before then I would have loved to have known how to keep dogs from destroying my beds. She was the sweetest and most gentle dog that I have ever had, but was always digging a hole in my flower beds to get cool, I suppose. I am sure others would love to hear what you have learned on this subject.

    I have about 17 varieties of antique roses. Most are new to my garden as I found them at one of those bargain sales and lined my back fence with them. I am thrilled that they are doing so well. And even more thrilled that they are so much easier to care for than the hybrid teas I have grown for over 20 years.

    Day lilies are a favorite of mine, too. Gee, everything is. I only wish I had as much land as my sister and her husband in Texas, but they are definitely plagued with severe droughts. I have researched drought resistant plants, and as a result have discovered that there are many.

    Sally, if you do decide to create your own web site, let me know, and I will be happy to share tips that I learned the hard way with you. The most important part is to plan it out well ahead of time.

    Good Luck, and we look forward to your sharing your experience and knowledge with us!
    Ann B.
    Zone 9a
    Gulf Coast

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