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Thread: Any Atlantic Coast blizzard people ?

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    Any Atlantic Coast blizzard people ?

    Wow ! Sounds like one heck of a blizzard(Nor'easter). 2 feet in NY with drifts. And, worst of all, no power for many. So, I suppose some cannot even read this thread ! Warm thoughts to all !
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    Hey, Cathy!

    We call them 'northers' or simply 'cold fronts'. I must admit that I have heard them called "nor'easter".

    It was really cold here last night and supposed to get cold again tonight.

    We lost power sometime in the middle of the night for 1.5 hours. Thank goodness for the kerosene and propane heaters. Now, hubby understands a little better why I insisted that these be started.

    To my knowledge, despite the power failure, the patio did not go below 42 degrees. I woke up at about 4:30 to discover that the power had been off. I turned on the light in the patio to check the temperature.

    Hunter ventured outside early and came back declaring that there was ice in my water containers. I didn't venture outside until 1:30 PM and to my surprise, many plants looked just fine.

    The Carolina Jasmine is getting prepared for full bloom. I'm sure the daylilies will show burns, but at least they didn't melt.

    Not yet, anyway. It's about 45 degrees, so the ground won't be quite so warm when tonight's hard freeze arrives.

    I see that lots of you are getting snow. I gather that snow has been a rarity in many areas of the country this year.

    One more month for me... 6 weeks MAX! I won't complain. It's been nice to have a milder than usual winter.

    This cold spell is a reminder of that!
    Ann B.
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    Got up yesterday morning to 17" official. Today, it is colder than.......You can supply the words. Sun now out and it is just beautiful!! Got up to take some aspirin last night, and there is a big bright full moon. Reflected on this snow, it was light enough to read by!! Only our second storm this winter. Several periods of severe cold, though. Enough to ensure that we are zone 6.

    We are completing our addition and we are full of dust, paint fumes, etc. Thus the headaches. Sure is looking pretty though. Since the guys have been spending lots of time connecting things and moving stuff around in the basement, my nursery activities have been at a standstill. Should be up and running in the next week or so. I have a few seeds I crossed last summer I want to try. I ended up just mixing them up, ala Stamile (??), so will be full of surprises. It's also time to start seeds for the veggie/flower garden. As cold as it is today, it's hard to believe that in only a few weeks, it will be time to plant sweet peas outdoors. I never even got started on my winter project!
    SE PA, zone 6b

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    I only got a dusting of light snow, but it sure got cold here last night and it hasn't warmed up much either. It was around 15 when I left for my "class" this morning just before 9 AM. And it didn't seem a lot warmer when I was finished at noon! But the sun was out and had warmed the car's interior up for me.

    From what I understand, all the real snow went East of here.

    Ann, you are correct in that we haven't had a lot of snow fall this winter; we have had plenty of moisture though. It's just been too warm to snow. We will pay for this mild winter and it'll probably start with a hotter than usual summer! Oh wait, we had that last summer! We will pay though; always do!

    Mark, "BigAlligator" over in Dunnellen,FL said it got down to 19 there last night. Now that's might cold for his part of FL! Losts of frost everywhere.

    I think we will all be happy to see this winter end, not that it's been a bad one, just way to weird! Sure hope Mother Nature gets things straightened out soon!

    Stay warm all y'all!

    Nature is trying very hard to make us succeed, but nature does not depend on us. We are not the only experiment.
    - R. Buckminster Fuller

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