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Thread: Any stories about plants that seem to have 'reacted' to life events ?

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    Any stories about plants that seem to have 'reacted' to life events ?

    I read this exerpt in today's newspaper and thought it was a good question to poseto Landspronians. And if you'd like to send it to the lady who writes the column you could e-mail directly or let me know if you'd be OK withsending your story to her and if you want your name included or not ( gimminy, I'm making it sound complicated -it's not--simply, do you have a story and can it be shared):

    Wichita Eagle http://www.kansas.com/mld/kansas/living/13787198.htm


    After I wrote about Alene Gentry's ancient, low-care amaryllis last week, Dorothy Pond called to let me know about her relatively infant but definitely mature Christmas cactus. It's been blooming in a post-holiday fuschia on her enclosed but unheated back porch, where it stays year-round, watered a couple of times a week and fertilized a couple of times a year.
    "It belonged to my mother," Dorothy said. "She died in '69."
    It's never been repotted, but starts have been given to all the grandchildren, who cherish them, Dorothy said.
    "It has a history," Dorothy said. "The first year after Mother died, it didn't bloom, and about four or five years after that I had heart surgery unexpectedly, and it bloomed. We all commented about that situation. We didn't make any comments that were very profound, we were just startled.
    "Someone else might have the same experience, and you'd know that we weren't all crazy."
    Readers? Do you have plants that seem to respond to life events rather than imposed dormancy? This reminds me of the scene from the movie "ET: The Extra-Terrestrial" in which a wilted flower comes back to life when the lovable extra-terrestrial is revived.
    Talk about your alerts.

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    I don't know about reacting to life events, but I do know for a fact that they react to weather events. These babies are intent upon surviving.

    I do have many plants in my gardens that came from my grandmothers and aunts. They bring back so very many memories of love and kindness. It's just the sort of thing that we do here. Then, again, I have even more from gardening friends. Again, more love and kindness...

    I'd be curious about the life event thing. Being the type person who tries to explain everything logically (okay, the math thing), I would tend to think that it had to do with the caring of plants or the absence thereof when the plant exhanged owners.

    Gee, am I boring or what? Don't matther, though, does it? Plants that are a family/friend thing always mean a lot more to us.
    Ann B.
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