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Thread: Black Eyed Susan Vine

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    Black Eyed Susan Vine

    Don't ask me how... I really don't know, but somehow a Black Eyed Susan vine seedling sprouted in a hanging basket. The vine is small, but it has bloomed numerous times over the last month. Every time I see a bloom, I get tickled. It self sowed. It is on the porch and I suspect that the temps have gotten down to 40 degrees or a little less at times, but it blooms.

    Isn't it amazing? I didn't even try to plant the seed, yet this little vine is so very happy even though it is winter, it is in a very cool environment and not getting much light.

    Just tells me that this is one that could very well be overwintered in the house. When I say very little sun, I mean no direct sun and lots and lots of shade.

    Seed fever.... 6 more weeks. Can I wait? I doubt it. I harvested a few seeds from this plant, and I will probably sow a few more in the same basket in the next couple of weeks.

    Passiflora 'Lady Marguerite' has also had blooms all winter with even less sun. Go figure... This is a small bloom, but quite special because every time I see a bloom, I am reminded of our special Marguerite. I think it is her way of saying "Hi!" and winking down at me. One special lady...
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    Your BES vine reminds me of the little geranium that poped up in one of the pans of Clivia seedlings last winter. I left it alone until the Clivas were re-pooted in the spring and the little geranium was potted up on it's own and bloomed all summer. I brought this one in for the winter and it has bloomed some all winter. It is getting lots of side growth now and will be a huge potted plant this coming summer.

    Gives from Nature this winter are some Floral Carpet Snapdragons that have shown up in a couple of my potted DL prolifs, one is even blooming! I think I see some Nicotiana in there as well. These prolifs sat on the patio near the mixed planted that had these plants growing in them and I didn't even think about them broadcasting their seeds everywhere!

    I love these little gifts of Nature that show up in the gloom of winter. I've also have Columbine show up in the potted Daylilies out side and some that have been brought inside. Since I'm using recycled potting soil to start my DL seeds I may find all sorts of "gifts" growing with them!

    Might just have to get busy and sown those DL seeds tomorrow, well, guess that would really be later today! Might even see what else is in the fridge that can be planted now (after I make some room!).

    Nature is trying very hard to make us succeed, but nature does not depend on us. We are not the only experiment.
    - R. Buckminster Fuller

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